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Business Games

Olympic Village

You have a professional team to build a complex of Olympic facilities from scratch. They've been allocated a magnificent plain area surrounded by woods, mountains, and rivers.
2 - 8 hours
10-1000 people
The business game was developed in 2019 for the IT company's executive team.
The main challenge is to properly understand the task and desires of the clients - The International Olympic Committee, the National Olympic Committee, and the Organizing Committee, not to mention the construction of all Olympic venues within the time frame given.
The game itself comprises several stages including Introduction, Beginning of Construction, Personnel Rotation (at least twice during the whole process), Concluding Session, and Introspection.
The players are expected to practice client orientation skills in far-reaching strategic planning within a team.

Develops following competencies
by The Lominger competency model

Organizational skills

Performance management and evaluation criteria

Effective team-building

Conflict management

Vision and goal management

Time management
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