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Business Games

Houston, we have a problem!

Independent astronaut crews are sent to the Moon for rock sampling, planting their flags, and building a laser beacon. But something goes wrong, causing the life support systems to collapse! Is there any chance these people can make it back to Earth?
2,5 hours
6+ people
With water and oxygen supplies exhausted, the crucial task is to fix the filters. The challenging goal is to do so in conditions of time and resource constraints. The players will have to get the systems back in order to complete the mission and save their teams.
The game provides a great opportunity to practice understanding and dealing with the consequences of poorly-performed tasks. Its main focus lies in developing participants' business skills as they work toward a common goal. It also promotes collaboration rather than competition, along with information exchange and close cooperation.
As the game goes on, the players are offered a unique chance to demonstrate and develop a whole range of team interaction skills. Another important thing they are going to learn is how to communicate with their teams in a clear and comprehensible way. Once the game is over, they will be fully capable of solving all kinds of professional problems, even in a stressful situation.

Develops following competencies
by The Lominger competency model

Interpersonal communication

Vision and goal management

Timely decision-making

Performance management and evaluation criteria

Commitment to results

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